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Bandwidth is a measure of the maximum transfer in a data transfer done at one time.

We often hear bandwidth when using a vps. And sometimes we also hear the word internet bandwidth.

But do you know what internet bandwidth is? If we connect to the internet. Bandwidth itself is the maximum measurement for data entry and exit in the communication line which is calculated in seconds.

If we say that bandwidth is a water pipe. And the data that will pass is water. So the bigger the pipe, the more water that can pass in seconds. However, the more water that passes, the narrower the remaining space of the pipe will be.

So the greater the bandwidth, the more data that can be processed in seconds.

Therefore, bandwidth is one that must be considered when using an internet network.

Likewise what happened to this SSHKIT. The greater the available bandwidth. Then the server you are using will also be smoother.

What exactly is the function of this bandwidth? There are three main functions of bandwidth, viz. First, as a measure of data transmission media. Where can you make the bandwidth as a benchmark for data transmission that is owned by a computer or a network.

Second, bandwidth can be used to share the speed of data transfer. Where by using the data bandwidth can be divided equally among all users.

Third, regulate the amount of data to be transferred. Besides being able to share the data to be transferred. Bandwidth can also adjust the amount of data to be transferred to each user.

For that, it is very important for you to check the server bandwidth you want to use. By checking first. You can judge which server is the best that you can use at that time.

For this reason, this bandwidth server service is in SSHKIT. So that users of SSHKIT will be able to see the status of each server in this SSHKIT.

Every service available on sshkit is provided free of charge. So that members of SHKIT can enjoy all the services from SSHKIT comfortably.