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Hostname to IP Address

This tool can convert domain name or hostname to numerical ip address, an example: server-eu.sshkit.net will return something like xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

Hostname is a name assigned to a device connected to the network. As the name implies, hostname means labeling.

The hostname is also used to identify a computer device. Hostnames are unique. So each computer will be able to have one name. And the same name cannot be used by other computers.

In a network. The hostname usually represents an ip address. Why should an ip address be represented using the hostname.

Because the ip address itself is an address which also represents a computer. The difference with the IP address hostname is usually in the form of a random arrangement of numbers. And it is very difficult for us to memorize.

That's what the hostname is for, to identify a computer or ip address. So that we can easily recognize the ip address. Also, why use a hostname?

It is very clear. IP addresses that are random numbers will be difficult for us to remember. Unlike the hostname that we can make according to our wishes.

Therefore more people use the hostname for their website domain. Instead of using ip.

Then what is the host to ip feature on the SSHKIT site?

The point is clear. When we want to know the ip of a hostname. We can check using this feature. And also, how to use it.

To be able to use the host to ip feature in this SSHkit, you only need to enter the hostname or domain name into the form. After that, press the submit button. For example, you enter the domain sshkit.com. Later the system will automatically provide information about the ip address of the hostname.

You can use the information obtained from this feature for a variety of your job needs. Of course sshkit recommends using this feature for good and doesn't violate any rules.

Besides that, this host to ip feature is free. You can use it at no cost. However, to help you just share with your friends and relatives through the social media you have.