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For those of you who are used to using a VPN, you must already know what v2ray is. V2ray itself is a new vpn protocol that is being hotly discussed by vpn users and network experts.

V2ray itself is a development from the previous protocol, namely socks5. Which this protocol uses only one proxy, or a single proxy. Whereas v2ray uses multiple proxies or chain proxies.

Apart from being a new vpn protocol. V2ray also has advantages over other protocols. For example v2ray does not use a single proxy. However, v2ray uses multiple proxies which make it difficult for firewalls to detect.

Because the chain proxy your traffic on the network will be obscured, making it even more difficult for the firewall to track it. Thus, you will be more comfortable doing work through your computer.

And what really distinguishes v2ray and socks5 is that the new vpn protocol or v2ray is a platform. Thus, v2ray will continue to grow to be much better than it is today.

For that, so that members can also enjoy this latest VPN protocol. Sshkit makes a feature so you can create an account for using v2ray for free.

How do you get a free v2ray account via sshkit? The method is almost the same as for other account creation. The first thing you have to do is login to SSHKIT using your Google email.

Next, you can choose which server you want to use for creating this v2ray account. After choosing, you can see the form that has been filled in with the username and server data that you selected.

Then you can press the submit button at the bottom of the form. After that, the system will provide information about the v2ray account that you created earlier. Then you can use the v2ray account for free, of course.

And of course, don't forget to press the share button to the Facebook social media which is already available under the form.