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Create new SSH Account in Europe.


North America

Create new SSH Account in North America.



Create new SSH Account in Asia.



In order for you to be able to use ssh of course you must have an ssh client account. Sshkit allows you to have an SSH client account with a duration of 30 days. Of course, the account that you create will not be charged or free.

How do you get an ssh account from sshkit? Of course, before you can create an ssh account on this sshkit site you must first log in to sshkit.

What is the purpose? Of course, so you can be registered as a member of SSHKIT. If you are already registered as a member of SSHKit you will be able to create an account from the services available on SSHKIT. Such as, SSH, SSH SSL, Wireguard, V2ray.

After you become a member you will have the freedom to choose to create an account from the services available on this SSHkit. Of course, all services will provide the same account active duration. That is 30 days. During this duration you are free to use your ssh, ssh ssl, wireguard or v2ray account freely without being charged. However, the use of the account must still be within safe limits and not violate any rules.

How to log in as a SSHKIT member? The method is quite easy. If you have entered the main sshkit page. You will see a menu on the heading bar. There you can go directly to the create account menu.

After that, you can select the country server for which you want to create an SSH account. Select one of the available servers. There will be servers available Europe, North America, and Asia.

After you select one of these servers, you will enter a new page. Namely the create account europe page. On that page, all you have to do is move the cursor to the bottom of the page.

Later, at the bottom of the page you will see a login button using Telegram. Of course, you must have Telegram before you want to log into this SSHKIT site.

Finally, you can simply log in using the Telegram that you have via this button. After that the system will automatically enter your Telegram into the login system.