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What is SSH? What are the uses of SSH?

If you are someone who is interested in the world of networking you will always hear the term SSH. SSH itself stands for Secure Shell which is a secure protocol and can copy encrypted files that we cannot see or replace with codes that we cannot know.

Previously, before SSH we knew it as Telnet (Telecomunication Network). Where telnet is also an internet network protocol for local area netwok which provides a communication facility in the form of two-way text using a virtual connection terminal.

What are the uses of SSH?

SSH is said to be a secure shell for no reason. SSH itself uses several kinds of technology. For example, symmetric encryption techniques, asymmetric encryption, and also hashing. These three techniques are cryptographic techniques that can make a well encrypted network.

Using SSH will give you the option to authenticate remote usage before you connect. Also, you can send input from the SSH client to the server. Then the input will be sent back to Cliet SSH.

So basically ssh can replace the remote login function. Such as telnet, rsh, and also rlogin. Of course SSH is much safer because it uses cryptographic techniques to protect user data securely. So we can conclude that the difference between ssh and telnet is very noticeable in terms of security.

How does SSH work?

SSH works by using the ssh client model, as well as the ssh server. Simply put, the connection that occurs is between the SSH client and SSH Server. So the SSH client connects using a cryptographic key technique that is useful for verifying and identifying the SSH Server.

Where is the cryptographic key used? When the ssh client connects to the SSH server. The ssh client uses cryptographic keys. Which is when the key is different from the SSH server. Then the connection between the ssh server and the client will not be able to occur.

SSH client and ssh server can connect when they have the same key. And also the connection process can be carried out when it has gone through the verification process. Then the connection process runs using symmetric encryption techniques and hashing methods.