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Server Name Indication or SNI functions for those of you who want to know how to respond to the status of the domain / host you are using. The goal is very clear. When you know the status and performance of your domain or host. You can adjust to usage. Or you can take further action according to the status response that you get from this SSHKIT feature.

Of course, those of you who have a domain / host want your domain or host to have very good performance. Performance in accordance with the wants and needs of your job. For that sshkit presents a feature that can make it easier for you to find out the response from your server or host.

By using this server name indication feature, you will more easily analyze the domain or host you are using. You can use this feature to find out the res pon of the domain or host you have.

How to use the server name indication feature is very easy. All you do is simply enter the domain or host you have into the box provided. Next, you can press the submit button. To process the data that you have entered.

Finally, the SSHKIT system will analyze the Domain or host that you have entered. After completing the analysis, the system will give you output in the form of code and meaning that reflects your domain or host. Each domain or host will get different results. It depends on the response to your host that the SSHKIT system gets.

Here are some sample codes and the meaning of the results of the SNI analysis carried out by the SSHKIT system:

3×× Redirection

300 Multiple Choices

301 Moved Permanently

302 Found

303 See Other

304 Not Modified

305 Use Proxy

307 Temporary Redirect

308 Permanent Redirect